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Fitness Smart Hula Hoop 24 Knots Detachable Hoops Lose Weight Sports

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Detachable Design: This hula hoops for adults exercise does not fall off so that solves the problem that beginners cannot use it at first.Besides,there are 24 sections of the hula hoop with buckle that can be freely put together to fit your own waist size,Its very fit for the whole family to use.
Easy to Use and Assemble: The weighted hoola hoops for adults has a soft gravity ball. You only have to turn the smart hula hoop so that you can simply twist the hula hoops to let the ball slide several times depending on the inertia path to strengthen your body's immunity and keep yourself in a healthy body.After the using,The weighted hula-hoop is very easy to disassemble and reassemble.
Quiet Bearings Make Your Movement More Comfortable: Upgraded smart weighted hula hoop 360-degree silent rollers can even and flexible rotate, making the smaller noise and smoother rotation.
Aplicable People:you can now perform hula hoops goals every day without spending a lot of effort and time.Suitable for people who need to weight loss/postpartum mothers/office workers/students.
Product Details:
Adjustable cord length.
Minimum inner diameter approx. 16 cm.
Maximum inner diameter approx. 34 cm.
Minimum waist circumference approx. 49 cm.
Maximum circumference of the waist approx. 120 cm (with 24 tire links).
Color: pink、Blue
Ball weight approx. 200 g.
Package includes:
1 * Hula Hoop
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